Health Check

We are able to offer a full system service, which will include removal of all viruses, malware and uninstallation of all potentially harmful software.

Disk maintenance will be carried out,  and a full antivirus suite will be installed.


Operating system re-installation

At MPRC we are able to offer full operating system re-installation services for both Windows and Apple Mac OSX.

We are also able to offer upgrades to current systems.


System upgrades

Fancy speeding up your current system?  

Prolonging the life span of your current PC?

At MPRC we are able to offer upgrades to both Windows and Mac users.

Memory, Hard dives, Solid state drives, GPU’s and CPU’s.

Contact us for more information.



A full repair service is available for Desktop, Laptop, Macbook, iMac, and other like systems.

From software to hardware issues, our technicians are able to help.

Damaged ports, power supplies, screens or onboard connectors, our technicians are on hand to help.

Contact us for more information and quotation of work.


Website Design and Maintenance

MPRC are able to offer a complete website package including domain, hosting and design.

Contact us for more details and costings.